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Lock Master India Pvt Ltd. is part of a group of companies involved in the manufacturing of various types of security and hardware products. Lock Master India is today the largest manufacturer of bicycle locks in South Asia. With over fifty years of experience in the field, it has carved a niche for itself in India and in various other part of the world.

Our well known brands MOBAJ, MORRIS & BONUS are names synonymous with quality; internationally Bonus locks are recognized for their strength and durability. With latest technology patents and innovative designs, Bonus mirrors the company's commitment to Quality, Security & Convenience. Bonus products are durable and look unchanged even after years of intensive use. The use of modern finishing techniques and long lasting protective coatings make our product score very high on aesthetics and design appeal. With its fifty years past of a satisfied and ever growing customer base, Bonus is renewing its dedication towards providing more valued product for its customers.

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