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Which is the most secure lock for my front door?
Rim locks like Wonder Bolt, Hercules, Magna bolt are the most secure lock for the main doors

What kind of locks do you suggest for internal doors?
Mortise locks offer better and higher level of door security. . For a mortise style entry system, the door itself is cut to include a pocket where the lock is installed. By placing the lock into this pocket inside the door, you're creating a secure system that uses the strength of the door (plus the reinforcement of the lock's construction) to protect it from break-ins.

Do I need a carpenter to install your locks?
A professional installer will use specialized tools like a mortise saw to cut into the door. However, there's no harm in calling in an expert if you're looking for absolute piece of mind.

How do I fit a wonder bolt?
A professional carpenter can easily install a Wonder Bolt by following installation manual step vise step.

What do G5 Reflex mortice lock system all about?
G5 reflex mortice lock system is designed for ease of use and operates the door with a natural push or pull movement in the opening direction of the door. A single action unlocks the latch and opens the door at the same time with minimum operational force.

Is it easy to replace Eazy- the tubular lock with traditional tubular locks?
The tubular lock can easily be installed on the doors with traditional cylindrical tubular lock holes.

How is the Bonus tower bolt different from conventional ones?
With sleek elegant design and a unique hidden locking system, they are a cut above the conventional tower bolts. It locks with just an effortless push and the concealed locking system provides safety against accidental release.

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