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Specifications :

  • Case: Steel case, powder coated fnish; Case Depth 140mm; Back set 75mm.
  • Bolts: 2 nickel plated steel bar bolts with hardened high carbon steel alloy pins, Bolt Length 34mm.
  • Striker: Steel case, powder coated fnish.
  • Latch: Extruded brass section.
  • Pin cylinder: High security pin cylinder with 5 nickel plated dimple keys; Cylinder operates on a 180-degree rotation.
  • Outside Knob: Reinforced sheet & solid brass with wooden ring.
  • Finishes: Brush brass, Brush steel, Brass antique, Silver gold, etc.
  • Protected by electrophoretic lacquer coating/ plating.
  • Inside Knob: Extruded brass. Knob Height 28mm; Diameter 40mm.
  • Converter Button: Extruded brass.
  • Security Chain: Steel chain; nickel plated fnish.

Line Diagram :

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